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“Do not take a winding up petition lightly as it
could erode everything you have worked for.”

If You Do Nothing – Your company and you as company director can face serious consequences. You need someone who will be on your side and not your creditor’s side.


If you have been served with winding up petition because you owed money then you have come to right place for advice and support. We know your time is precious and no one likes reading lots of content. But in 5 minutes of reading, what you will learn could save your business by eliminating or reducing your business debts, Interested? 

We understand that as a business owner you have worked day and night to ensure your business is successful. But sometimes even the most successful businesses face situations which are outside of their controls like the recession, the banks not being helpful right through to your competitors.

Good news is even at this late stage in time you have options:

  • Stop The Winding Up Petition
  • Stop Creditors Hassling You
  • Start a New Company


Now the question is HOW!!!

Winding up Petition have different stages and in order to deal with them correctly and promptly we have created this short video for you. The video will empower you with a clear understanding of the options that might be open for your company and what you will need to do next.

Now that you have watched the video, it’s time to seek professional help. You need someone who will be on your side and not your creditor’s side. 

Strictly Private & Confidential Advice 100% Guaranteed

Moe Nawaz (as seen on T.V.) is a nationally recognised author, insolvency auditor & strategist who has been created thousands of pre insolvency strategies to help business owners and company directors to eliminate or reduce company debts since 1989. He regularly travels the country helping business owners / company directors who need a fresh start without the company debts. Moe also trains accountants and solicitors and enrolled agents on how to handle their toughest cases with creditors, Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. 

There must be a very good reason that people are saying Moe Nawaz is the UK’s most trusted insolvency auditor, with five books to his credit as a published author “The Insolvency Survival Guide For Businesses” and his second book “Bankruptcy Guide” plus others publications all to be found on With clients from Scotland, London through to Devon Moe enjoys travelling to meet his clients, Moe has what it takes to solve your company debts, tax or VAT problems for your company no matter where you live in the United Kingdom.

Winding Up Petition Advice & Helpline 0800 24 0800

Clients Feedback

“This was a new experience for me and my co- directors but Moe and his team were there all the way throughout to guide us. We are now growing our new business with plenty of safety nets which Moe helped us to put into place to make sure nothing like ever happen to us again.”

Andrew Thompson, London

“Two years ago, I found your website through Google. My business was in serious trouble with massive debts. My mobile phone ringing non-stop from credit collection agencies and some were threatening legal action against me and my business. I was desperate for a solution and thankful that I found your website when I did. Although my debts were not enormous compared to our balance sheet, it was too much for me to handle on my own. From the moment I contacted and spoke with you Moe, you handled my situation with certainty, speed and confidence. I didn’t have to worry about a thing once I had my meeting with you. The creditor’s calls stopped immediately and two years later my business is now back on track. I want to express what a pleasure it has been working with you and your team. I have recommended you to my local chamber of commerce in London and every business person I have come across with financial difficulties… This was a painless, sane solution for me and my business.”

Mathew Taylor  - North Finchley, London

“I will tell you little secret. If you are given the opportunity to spend a few hours with Moe in a private consultation, take it. I learned so much from Moe and the options open to me and my business. Thanks to Moe and now I have joined his  Mastermind Coaching program which is helping my new company to grow.”

David Willbert – London

You have been served with Winding up Petition so don’t delay and Call Moe’s office today on 0800 24 0800.

It will cost you nothing to pick up the phone and call Moe’s office for Free, friendly, honest and confidential one to one chat.

If you are still not sure and would like to know more then please continue reading…

What an Insolvency Auditor Can Do For You?

  • Wipe out or reduce VAT and Inland Revenue debts for your company
  • Help liquidate your company and start a new one without the liabilities
  • Arrange finance or introduction to private investors
  • Explore options of Bankruptcy, Liquidation, Administration or Pre-Pack
  • Minimize your directors liabilities or eliminate them
  • Stop court order and bailiffs’ from further action

It is important that you take professional advice to reduce your personal and the business liabilities right now before it is to late.

The presentation of a winding up petition has serious consequences for the directors and the company, but before we go any further let me give a case study of what can be achieved with professional advice.

How To Stop A Petition: Case Study 

Company “A” had 38 retail stores selling household furniture with sales declining daily and unable to pay its bill as they fell. The company was presented with a winding up petition due to unpaid Inland Revenue and VAT debts. The company had a combination of freehold and leasehold stores in prime retail sites across the country. The company employed a workforce of 260 people on its payroll. A final decision had been made to place the company into Administration before the winding up petition date for this we needed permission of the courts which we obtained on the grounds that there was a better chance of greater dividends going down the administration route than the winding up order and compulsory liquidation route for all the creditors and the employees of the company. The courts accepted the plan and gave us 6 weeks to come back and report further progress. Within the 6 week period deep cuts were made to staffing numbers and closure of stores that were not profitable. 11 stores were kept and the rest were sold or leases terminated, the 11 stores were the ones that were making good profits and allowed the company to grow without the losses which it had been getting every trading day before the winding up petition and us getting an administration order in place to protect the company. By the time we had restructured the company the creditors all agreed to accept £0.40p in every pound owed which allowed the company to continue trading more profitably. Once the administration order had run it’s course the company was then liquidated. The above case demonstrates what can be achieved if experts are brought into the picture earlier rather than later on in the winding up petition process.  Now back to further information about winding up petitions and some of the consequences. The presentation of a winding up petition has serious consequences for the viability of your company and these are detailed below: Protection of assets between petition and order  Once the winding up petition has been presented, a date is set for a court hearing at which the petition will be heard and a winding up order made against your company. A considerable time may elapse between the presentation of the winding up petition and the hearing for the making of the order.  

You should make use of this time to seek professional advice on the options open to you and your company, you can call the business helpline on 0800 24 0800 for free and confidential advice before it’s to late. In general, your company should be allowed to continue to trade in that period but the creditors need to be protected against possible disposal of its assets. Your actions as a director are therefore under great scrutiny in this period of time and the ability to trade effectively can be impaired due to the impending hearing being at the forefront of your mind.

Individual of disposal of assets 

Unless the court orders otherwise, any disposal of your company’s property, alteration in the status of its members or transfer of shares after the commencement of the winding up petition is void. The purpose of this provision is to preserve the value of the assets of a company for the benefit of persons interested in those assets. 

Provisional Liquidators 

At any time after the presentation of the winding up petition the court may appoint the Official Receiver or an insolvency practitioner to be the provisional liquidator of the company.  The primary reason for such appointment is usually to safeguard the assets pending the winding up hearing. Since an appointment anticipates the making of a winding-up order this appointment is usually made only with the consent of the company itself or in a clear case of insolvency.

Compulsory winding up petition / liquidation takes away control from you as a director of the company and it is important for you to take control of the situation and be in control of your own destiny.

Winding Up Petition Advice & Helpline 0800 24 0800